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Documentation in Agile

“We are not writing documentation! We are Agile!” – scream they.

“We are Agile, we don’t write useless documentation” – Agile people say. “We don’t write documentation – we are Agile” – other people hear.

What a heck is this? How did we get there? Maybe we should start saying “We are Agile, we create useful documentation”. Maybe then everyone will understand that documentation in Agile takes very important part. Continue reading Documentation in Agile

Finding a Scrum Master for a team

If you are reading this post, I assume that you are convinced or at least willing to try dedicated Scrum Master for your team. You are looking at various options: hire from outside; pick from inside; let team choose by themselves; nominate one by yourself (if you are a manager). Which one is best? How to know if person from inside is going to be the right person? Let’s go through every option. Continue reading Finding a Scrum Master for a team